Why is the World so Cruel??!?

Hey Guyss!!

Today in the morning, when I was watching youtube videos, I came across something really unusual. It’s not something I’d normally watch but I had to see it. After seeing the video I googled about this and the pictures I saw and the article I read, was really touching. I was left in tears. How could the world be so cruel?? What did these innocent people ever do to them?? Why are they being punished, when they haven’t even done anything wrong??? Why do “they” only have to go through all this cruelty?? All these questions popped up in my mind but sadly there are no answers.

You all might be wondering what video I’m talking about. Well, this video is about a man named Abdel Hameed al-Youssef, who lost all his family in the recent Syria Chemical Weapon attack. He lost 22-25 family members, which included his wife and his 9-month old twin babies. He buried his babies himself alongside his wife’s grave. It must have been so painful for him to loose his own babies in front of his eyes. His state right now is unimaginable. He has no one by his side. All his loved ones were taken away from him in such a cruel manner. Imagine, the day when his babies came to life, he might have been the happiest person in the whole world. That moment must have been so joyous for him. But little did he know that he’d only have 9 months to spend with them.


He’s not the only person though, there are thousands more who are suffering in Syria. What is their mistake? Nothing. They haven’t done anything wrong. There humans and want to live their life peacefully, the way we all day. But alas, they can’t. Every day there’s this fear of dying in their minds. They know that anything can happen to them at any moment. They live with the fear of dying everyday. But all they can do is pray to God. But even that’s not helping.

We all have everything. Food, shelter, good clothes, cars, expensive electronics, loving family and every damn thing in this world. But still there are people including me, who take all these things for granted. We just don’t care and appreciate what all we have. Which is really wrong. We are blessed to have such a wonderful life. It hurts that kids in Syria don’t have much. There just like us. Have the same dreams and aspirations, have certain goals in life and many things they want to do. But they don’t have that opportunity. Unlike us, they don’t even get to go to school much.

We have everything but still, we brag about how shitty our life is. I’m not saying that life can’t be shitty, it can. But it can not be worse than those people who get terrorized everyday, who’ve lost all their families in such attacks and go on with having no food for many days. They have nothing but are still living and there are many people who have everything but because of some minor problems decide to suicide.

The suffering amongst these people is the worst. They’ve gone through alot and still are. Guys, go on google images once and search for different countries like England, France, USA, Australia, Canada, etc. You’ll see such beautiful images of these countries. And on the other hand search for countries like Syria and Iraq and the images you’ll see are down below..


I really wish I can do something for these people. There loss is irreparable. Right now we can only sympathize. Terror needs to be stopped. Taking lives of innocent people is the worst sin ever. At the end I’d say that we all should live in peace and harmony, have respect for each other, live with the spirit of brotherhood and be thankful for the life we  have got.




Hey Guys!!!

I know it’s been a while, quite a while actually, since I’ve last posted. And I’m really sorry for that. There’ll be regular posts from now, I promise. So I last posted before my exams, a month ago probably. And lots of things happen in a month. So in today’s post I’ll give u guys a bit life update *as if you all are eager to know but whatever, hehe* So lets get started👉👉

Exams got over finally and I’m really disappointed cuz I didn’t do that well as compared to last time. My parents think it’s because of blogging but No it’s not. Writing and me, just sort of clicked. I was never into writing before. But after reading Girl Online by Zoe Sugg, I thought of it and was really eager to start blogging. Though at that time I  only thought about getting famous. But now it’s different. I feel like writing every single moment of my life, and I even do. Lots of things keep going on in my mind. Like what I’m gonna write next, some short story or I just start writing something in my head. All these thoughts don’t leave my head and because of them, I think I wasn’t able to concentrate much. But nonethelessl, I still got really good marks in math which was totally unexpected.

After my exams got over, I celebrated my birthday!! And it was really fun. We went to pizza hut where the staff was really lazy. The service was no good. But the cake was really yummy 😋 Ugghhhh…I WANNA HAVE CAKE RN!! Then we went to this Haunted House which was really shitty. Like it was so so dark in there that we couldn’t even see the ghost set ups. But still I managed to scream a thousand times in there😌 After that we saw the movie Beauty and the Beast, where I messed up. I lost 9 tickets. I know I’m really clumsy but thank god we still got to go inside. I really loved the movie, though I think some people found it boring. But for me, it was really good, which is what matters the most, right?🙊👅 And at last, we all girlies had a crying session. We all cried alot. Reason, cuz I’m leaving them. So yeah, my birthday ended with everyone crying and getting mad at me, lol.

Then I went to spend some time with my cousins. Which was really amazing. And every night I’d tell myself that “Nimrit tomorrow you have to write a blog, no matter what” and everyday I’d fail. I would just lie around, read some novels and binge watch youtube all day. Like I wasted many days like that. Which is not right. But today I finally sat down and wrote this. Theres gonna be lots of great stuff coming up on my blog. And I’m also thinking of writing a blog novel, if that makes sense. Like every week I’ll be posting one chapter of the story. And I really hope you like it!!

So, this is it to today’s blog and I hope you all are doing good and enjoying life. If you want to read a particular kind of blog then please comment down below. I’ll surely look forward to it.

ps: Also, comment down below where you all are from👇👇  I’d really love to know!

The Exam Scenario

Hey Guys!!!

So, my exams are about to start in two days and I’m really stressed. I should be studying but I don’t know why I’m not able to concentrate?! It’s seems as if, that shit ain’t wanna get into my mind. Like it’s not that I don’t get good grades and stuff. But from the past few days I just don’t feel like studying. My grades are going down, but still my attitudes like “I don’t care”, which is wrong cuz I should care when ma finals are on top of my head.

I just wanna lock myself up in my room, watch youtube, read books, write, sleep and eat. Like literally thats what I wanna do with my life. But then I know I can’t fail, so I have to study, but I’m not able to. These exams are really going hard on me. The effin struggle is actually Realll!!

In today’s blog I am gonna tell you guys about the general scenario of our school and students during an exam day. Alot of things happen, so enough of the babbling now. Let’s get into da blog👉👉


The day starts with everyone pouring into their assigned classes with books in their hands. Some look tensed, nervous or stressful whereas, some are just too over-confident or have that “I really don’t care, I’m gonna pass anyways” kinda attitude.

Then theres this usual last-minutes-before-the-exam-cram-session. Everyone just wants to absorb whatever they can before the exam starts. All the doubts that students have get cleared in the morning by other students cuz they were just too lazy to listen or ask the doubts before. So, theres this mini-tution going on too.

tumblr_lfnhkia5id1qg7bmso1_400_large1  57279690

So all in all, everyones studying, but in different ways and the noise level is just too high. Like theres a full on khap(madness) in the classrooms. Then the bell rings and we all proceed for the most boring thing in the world, Our morning assemblies! And there we get a lecture of not using “unfair means to pass”, which I don’t think anyone really listens or follows. But still we have to stand there and listen, like da fuk..

Then finally we get into our classrooms, where I don’t know how the teacher just shows up before us because we all were in the assembly together. So, it’s kind strangeV and still a mystery for me. And then we go through this shitty long list of rules on how to write on our paper, like every damn day, and there still will be a student who will do something or the other wrong.


When we finally start, for the first half an hour, I guess, theres no cheating happening but after that all the magic happens. Some teachers are just so bugh(dumb), that they don’t get anything; not able to catch anyone cheating, even under their nose. But there are some who have an eagle’s eye and with them being in class, cheating becomes really hard. But we dem students are just so smart that it still happens.YO🤘

The ones who cheat, are not really good at studying; waste the whole year; don’t use their brains, but during the exams I don’t know how their brains suddenly start working. They use all their creativity and mind to find out new ways to cheat, which makes no sense to me.

During the exam there’s a habit of one or the other student to keep asking or rather, bugging the teacher on how much time is left. Like this line is religiously used every day till the last exam and has become the anthem of our exam days.


Then after 2 or 3 hours, when our exam ends and we go outside, there’s a huge chaos in the corridors. Like mostly everyone’s having this after-exam-discussion. The noise level is on it’s peak and it’s really difficult to go through and get outside the building. And when we finally manage to get out, after an exhausting exam what do we students need? A good snack! But instead life gives us bananas:(

So that is it to this blog. I hope you all enjoyed reading it!! And Best of luck👍👍 to ma fellow Yadavindrians for their exams!

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The A-Z Tag!

Hey Guys!!!

Hope ya’ll are having a great day!! Damn these days are kind of stressful for me because my exams are around the corner and I haven’t touched a single book yet, which implies that I might fail in ma finals😥  But still I’m here blogging cuz I don’t give a shit! So here’s another blog for ma homies!!

So a few days ago, I got tagged for this A-Z tag by the amazing Diversion3000 !!! She writes great stuff so don’t forget to check out her site!

So basically, I have to write whatever thing I like or comes into my mind starting with each letter of the alphabet. I know this sounds weird but who cares, rite? It might actually be fun. Well, I’ll let u know about that at the end. So let’s get started👉✌️

A- Anonymous cuz ya’ll anonymous, all things anonymous, I’m anonymous, my friends anonymous, the whole world anonymous, and the damn word anonymous is anonymous!! Lol, what I wrote above has meaning. Ones who got it, Great! Ones who didn’t are just ANONYMOUS!

B- Bawse..Ima be a Bawse… I don’t know what that is…but still ima be a Bawse…cuz Superwoman is one! YO🤘

C- Coke I don’t like it tho

D- Dogs I don’t like them either, but still ima write dogs cuz me too swaggy😌 Wtf?! LOL.

E- Exams the most exciting thing happenin in my life right now!!😑

F- Funny me too funny..hehe 😌

G- Goals cuz everything is #goals nowadays 😎

H- Hope

I- Ink I have that all over my hands everyday especially during math lesson

J- Juju on the beat These days I don’t know why I’m so into the dance of this song

K- KayRay My new idol! Sorry Beyonce😁

L- LOL the new fashion

M- My BDayyyy is Todayyy!! No joke, I’m serious🙋  Let’s see how many wishes I can get??

N- Nimrit da Queen🙈👅

O- Ok when yo bored or annoyed, reply OK

P- Panda Be like him! He’s white, he’s black, he’s asian!! DON’T BE RACIST!!🙅

Q- Queen of Queens Yea, thats me!

R- Race cuz life is a race *lol I just came up this one*

S- Spongebob ma boiii🙊💛

T- Trump How da hell does he have so much money?!?!?!!

U- Umm..I don’t know any word starting from this letter🙃

V- Vrooomm…my gaddi (car) goes vrooommm…

W- Work yo ass off, the way I do😇

X- x Why can’t this letter stay in it’s damn place, so we won’t need to find it everytime?!?!!!!!!!!!

Y- YO YASsss Me too great😊

Z- Zaynnn MAlikkk my love❤️️❤️️❤️️ *I can smell someone burnin👃👀*

So that’s a wrap to this blog, which I had really fun writing. I hope you guys like it and enjoyed reading it!! And thank you so much for all the love and appreciation you guys give me! It really means alot❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️

Types of People on Valentines ft. ma Bestie❤️

Hey Guys!!!

So, its finally the day all lovers *especially girls👀* been waiting for— Valentines Day!! And guess what me still single on this Valentines✌🏿️😌 But like Do I Care?! nahhhhh.. And plus who would want to spend time handling their partners nakhra (attitude), waste money on gifts and chocolates of course, rite? 🙄😂 So, in honour of this “lovey-dovey” day my best friend and I have come up with an exciting blogg, which you might have guessed by now from the title-“Types of people on Valentines”!!  So, without more blabbering lets get into the blogg➡️➡️

1. Single Mingled: This type of person is always single on Valentines. He/She will watch other couples enjoying and stuff and will cuss himself, sulk in the corner and eventually will just buy chocolates n presents and gift them to him/herself. So, technically this person will be eating and watching romantic movies or shows on Valentines alone.

2. “It’s Complicated”: This is a type of couple whose relationship is kinda complicated. Like both of them like each other and they know it too. But then they have not, kind of accepted that they’re in relationship. So they’re technically not in relationship, but then on the other hand they are as well, if that makes sense?. So yeah its complicated.

3. Food is my only bae❤️: This person cannot think of anything or rather, anyone else except for food. Food is that person’s one and only love. He/She cannot live without it *ik no one can but this ones an just extreme case*. This person is in relationship with food. And will spend Valentines night eating food and lounging around.

4. Long Distance: As the name suggests, this couple has a long distant relationship. Both are alone on Valentines wondering what the other one is doing and whether he/she is cheating on him/her or not😂 So, practically they don’t get to enjoy this day at all. They will keep missing their partner and will wait for some surprise gift to arrive, lol.

5. Me, Myself and I: This person is just so obsessed with his/herself that Valentines day doesn’t even matter. He/She will do everything for his/herself, all day. This type of  person does not give a shit to anyone and will pamper oneself on Valentines.

6. One sided Lover: This type of person is a one-sided lover. He/she will enjoy a few glances here and there, likes his/her crush alot but will never confess it because he/she is just too shy to. But this person is dying from the inside to have one conversation with his/her crush once, and has brought gifts for his/her crush, but just doesn’t have the courage to.

7. The Touchy couple: This type of couple is particularly that “lovey-dovey” couple who is inseparable all the time especially on Valentines Day. They will just go on and on praising about how lovable their partner is. Both of them keep on telling, how much they love each other and all. And just won’t leave each others side all day.

8. ‘Friendzoned’: This type of person tries really hard to woo his/her crush and even makes the effort to buy a gift for crush. But when he/she goes and gives the gift, his/her crush replies—”aww..this is so sweet of you! Your such a great friend! Thanks!” And there goes that person’s dream in the ocean.

9. The Shy Couple: So this type of couple is like really really shy to express their feelings in public or even to each other. Holding hands on Valentines Day is the first huge step and achievement they’ve taken in their relationship. Bless this couple🙏

10. “ma bestie be the best”: So this couple is not a boy-girl one and nor is it a lesbian one. It’s just two best friends who love each other alot and don’t have any valentine, so they be each others valentine. Both of them gift each other presents and have a typical girls day out.

So, thats a wrap to this lovely blog of mine😊 I hope you all enjoyed reading this as much as we enjoyed writing it. This idea just suddenly came up in my best friend’s mind today so we wrote it down. And if you liked it then give it a like, comment and follow my site for more amazing blogs! *my clichéd line, but whatever*

Pssst…which person or couple did you relate to??? Comment down below👇👇


Those Blue eyes..II

*If your reading this and have come across my site for the first time then STOP!! Go read the first part of this story or else you probably won’t know what’s happenin here* Click the link down below to read it👇👇

Those Blue Eyes…

It’s been two years now; everything has changed, like my whole damn world has flipped since the day he left. Nothings the same. My parents got divorced, I failed, am no longer that “perfect girl”, lost all my friends and moreover lost the only person that made me happy and was the love of my life, Blue.

I don’t really care about the other things that happened cuz losing Blue was in itself the most terrible thing. The last time I saw him was on his dad’s funeral. That day was the worstest*. I had never seen Blue like that before, ever. I wanted to be with him in this tough phase of life. But he just cut me out. I understand that losing his dad was a great shock for him, and at that time this might seem like the best option. But it’s been 1 and a half year since I’ve heard from him. I really want him to know that I still love him, care for him and want to be with him, but he’s deleted all his socials, changed his number and now no one knows where he is. He even left his medical school. His  step-mom and step-brother don’t even seem to care the slightest bit either. I don’t know what to do. I really miss him and want him.

From the past two months I’ve regularly been visiting a psychiatrist because alot happened and it was just too much to handle for me. I was in depression. I needed help. And so, the psychiatrist suggested me to write down whatever I felt, everyday on a piece of paper. And thats what I do these days.

My school life has changed too. I have no friends now; not even a single person talks to me. Can’t blame them for this cuz I was the one who stopped talking to everyone and became a loner. Everyone enjoys at school whereas, I sit alone and write. Yeah, writing has become my new passion now. I just love to write nowadays. All my feelings flow on a paper and it just makes me feel light.

One and a half year, thats alot. I miss him but I don’t think he’s ever gonna come back and my psychiatrist told me to move on. So I’m going to try do that. It’s hard but I will try cuz I want my old self back. So Yeah Ima do it!

*After a week*

I can’t. Its really hard. He keeps popping up in my mind like before. I’ve even searched on “tips to forget your ex” on the internet. But nothings helping.

Why did he do this to me? Why do I love him so much? Why aint he going out of my heart? Why do I in the whole world have all the problems?? Why, God WHyyyyy??!?!

On a bright Sunday morning, when all the kids were playing in the park and having fun, I was there, sitting alone on the bench, doing nothing. And all of a sudden, there’s this familiar change in the atmosphere. It’s the same feeling I had when I first met Blue. But then I tell myself that Blue’s gone; he won’t ever come back. Then when I get up to go home, out of nowhere someone pulls my arm from the back and I fall into that persons arms. That person seemed familiar to me but I couldn’t really recognize. And that’s when I looked into those eyes, those blue, oceanic and dreamy eyes. I scream!! That person is none other than Blue! My Blue!!

“Sia”, he softly says and gives me a tender kiss, which I shouldn’t, but do give back. But then I back off cuz suddenly it comes to my mind that I’m angry at him. And so I blast. Whatever I held from so long I say it all to him, in one go.

And he replies, “I’m really really sorry Sia, I seriously am. I know I shouldn’t have just left you. But after my dad’s death I just couldn’t handle it. I didn’t know what to do. So, I started drinking and taking drugs. I wanted to end my life cuz that sounded the perfect thing at that point. My life already got ruined the day my dad left and I didn’t wanna ruin yours cuz you mean alot to me. I didn’t wanna see you sad by this change in me. I thought you’d be better off without me. But I guess my assumption was wrong. I spoiled it even more and you can’t even imagine how much it hurts. From the past one year, I was in rehab. I lost all hope and didn’t wanna get better but then the doctor gave me some hope, and that hope was you. Every single day I spent there was tough but the thought of you, kept me alive. And so I’m here. And I love you so soo much and I promise I won’t ever leave you. And I know that saying sorry won’t heal anything, but still I am going to say sorry anyway…..”

And without a second thought, I’m on my tiptoes and kissing him.

Hey Guys!! So that was a wrap to this short story of mine. I hope you all liked it. And I wanna say Thank you to all those who follow me and appreciate my work. It really means alot.

So a huge THANK YOU!!!💋💋   And last but not the least thank you so much Roffello for this amazing image! And guys go follow him on youtube. He makes amazing music.


Alone? Feel as if no one cares about you? Have a thought of ending your life?? Think that your life sucks?? Feel as if no one cares??? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Hey Guyss!!!

These days I see lots of people alone and depressed and I really don’t like it. The feeling of being alone is even worse than getting cancer, believe me it is. Not having friends to talk to and being ignored is not at all healthy. And on top of that, others teasing and treating you like shit, as if your from some other planet or something, is like showing daggers. And this has a huge effect on one’s mind. Having no friend and not being able to share your feelings with anyone, can lead you to severe depression, from which it’s really hard to recover. But at times the situation is such that you have no option other than staying alone and cutting off from everyone.

And to overcome this lonliness, the pain of not having anyone or simply to just be happy alone, I have come up with some tips and ideas, which I hope can help any loner.

1. Start enjoying your own company. When you know that being alone is the only option left then  you’ll have to deal with it. Have faith in yourself; think about yourself highly and as if your some king/queen. Dont give a shit about what people think or say about you. Turn on the tolerance level, a notch higher.

2. Talk to yourself. This is a really great exercise. Whenever you feel low or even happy, say it out aloud to yourself. Talk as if your telling your friend these things because theres no better friend then your own self. By doing this you’ll even get to know alot about yourself and it will also help you to become a better human-being.

3. Try observing people. It’s really fun. Look at what they do and how they do it. At times it can tell you alot about themselves and what they are going through. So, you’ll be like “I’m not the only one with problems. There are many more peeps out there who have bigger problems than me.” This will boost some confidence in yourself.  And obeserving others can be hilarious too. Their talks, their walks and whatever they do can tickle your funny bone alot.

4. Bring some positivity in yourself. If you’ll be optimistic, then being alone wont bother you either. The way you think and look towards life will always determine your future. So be happy😄

5. Try some new things and then show em off around people, if you deperately want friends. I swear this will attract alot of people towards you.

6. Run for about 15-20 minutes everyday. Bring some sweat outta your body. This will release some happy hormones in you and settle down the stress hormone.

7. Dance! Whenever you feel low or even happy then put on some high vibe happy song and dance! Dance out all your feelings. Trust me you’ll feel much better.

8. Believe in yourself and stay positive. Untill and unless you wont believe in yourself, you’ll never be happy; nothings gonna work. And don’t think about things too much. It’ll mess your mind. Just don’t give a shit. Do what you like to, not what others want you to.

9. Try to find happiness in the smallest of things. Life is meant to be enjoyed. So enjoy, laugh more and do all sorts of crazy stuff alone. Its really fun. Theres no better company than yourself.

10. If you feel low or angry, write it down on a piece of paper. Whatever you feel just write it, tear the whole page and throw it in the garbage. My best friends gave me this tip and trust me it really works.

11. So this last point is complementary and in honour of my new idol 🙏 BEYONĆE🙏 Her songs are amazing and the lyrics are so savage that they just light me up. So, I recommend you all to listen to her songs. They can cure anyone.

So, I hope you guys liked this post and found it helpful. And if you did then give it a like and those who are new here, follow my site for more blogs like these. It really means alot💕

love u all n Adiós till the next blog❤️