A cliché Intro

Hey Guyss!!!

I hope you all are doing well and having the best day of your life.Man, I am freaking soo excited to start this blog site that you all cant even imagine. Like this is my first step towards my dream of writing a bestseller novel.

I’m not much of a writer yet but I really love writing, which I just discovered. Man I have no talent in me like seriously no talent. I’m not good at singing, dancing, studying, sports, art and all. I tried all these things but failed af in all of them. And recently I discovered that I can write well so here I am now. So guys dont mind if I write something wrong or boring because this is just the beginning and I’ll learn day by day. So, please excuse me for this.

I’m starting this blog for one major reason and that is that I’m not able to express my feelings much. I’m just not able to share my feelings with others, so in my blogs I will be telling you all about my feelings and will be talking about the most random thing in the world. It can be anything from animals to food to tables and chairs etc. etc….

Guys, we all are normal people who think about the weirdest things on planet so whatever you feel like you want to read about just let me know in the comments. And I wont be able to do daily blogging because of my school but I’ll try my best to blog twice a week so, bare with me guys. I hope you all enjoy reading my blogs in future and at last I want to say that, Welcome to saorsablogs!!!!

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