Food, my Bæ

Hey Guys!!

Today I have a really yummy and delicious topic to talk on and that is ‘FOOD’! Food is like my life like my entire life. No one can live without food, but there are only some who live for food and I am one of them for sure.

Food is a religion for me. I worship it because I know that I’m a lucky person to have tasty tasty food everyday, but  then I know that there are many out there who dont get to eat or they eat the leftovers from our houses. This disappoints me alot, so we should never waste food because wasted food is like wasted time. So eat it all.

At school, like when I’m free, I start thinking about food. Be it burgers, french fries, cakes, chocolates, chips and my favourite Rajmah Chawal(kidney beans and rice). I just think about all those items.  Ahhhh.. rajmah chawala my first crush!! Lol. Whenever my friends and I are feeling hungry at school, we start naming different food items and make our mouths water even more and I start singing my self written and composed song—”food, food, food, food. I need food, food, food, food. Yummy yummy food, food,….”. Hahahaaa, I know its weird but then I’m weird as well, right? Food and I have a really strong connection, thats what I feel, I dont know why, I just do.

Those people who are diet conscious and are healthy eaters, for me are from some other planet. Like really how can a person survive on only salads and vegetables? Like seriously how? Ok, I understand that they never get sick and remain healthy throughout their life and are fit but you guys tell me is maintining your figure important and good or eating different delicacies of different cuisines of the world? I would choose the latter. But then again its a persons own choice, so cant force them. But theres no harm in eating a bit of junk then and now. So people, eat, eat as much as you can and get fat lol.

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