With Confidence

Hey Guys!!

The word ‘confidence’ has a really huge significance and impact in one’s life. In today’s world a person who is confident in everything is appreciated and acknowledged more than a silent person. People with confidence are liked by people and others enjoy their conpany more. Even when you have to apply for a job or a university, you go through an interview and the first thing the interviewer notices is, confidence. So, this tells us that confidence is really inportant and one should try to boost it.

Well, I was not at all confident till the age of 14. But then suddenly something happened that I started opening up with people. Whenever I used to have my Parent Teachers Meeting, the teachers always had one complaint with me  and that was that I dont speak up and take part in class discussions. My parents used to explain to me  the importance of speaking up, standing up for myself and to give my opinions in discussions. Even my teachers used to tell me that I should speak and shouldn’t care of what others think about me. That was my major problem. I always used to be tensed thinking of what others thought about me if did that. And because of this attitude I didn’t like going out much and even missed some great adventures and opportunities in my life, which I regret now. Maybe because of this introvert nature of mine, some used boss me around and thought that they could say anything to me. Half a year from now, all of that happened and there are some who still try to do this,  but I don’t let them now. I’ve changed completely as a person. No one thinks me of an introvert or scardy cat now and I really like that. I get attention now and everyone likes me, which makes me feel proud of myself.

You must be thinking of what I did or what happened that I became confident and the answer to this is positivity. If you wanna be confident and you want to open up with people then you have to be positive. You have to believe in yourself that you can do it,

and you will do it. Thats the most important thing because optimistic energy has alot of effect on one’s mind and soul. So, be positive. And second thing is that you should read lots of inspirational quotes. Believe me on this one. Inspirational quotes have a really huge impact on a person. You get motivated alot to do something that you have never done. If an introvert person tries to do these two things than I’m 100% sure that no one can stop you from being confident. But you all should  remember one thing,  and that is that you should be confident but never over-confident because over-confidence always results in failure.  So guys don’t give a damn to what people say or think about you, just do what you want to and you’ll succeed for sure and become confident. Thats what I did, and what you should do too.

So, I hope that all of this inspired you all and if you liked this blog than follow my site and my instagram account @saorsablogs. And at the end, I’d like to conclude by saying this quote—”Confidence is not ‘They will like me’. Confidence is ‘I’ll be fine if they dont’.”

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