A special bonding…

Hey Guys!!!

Friendship is indeed the most valuable and special relationship in the whole entire world. Without friends your boring af, your life’s boring af. Like how can a person survive without friends. Seriously how? A person can survive without food once but without friends, never.(Lol, just kidding on that one. I would never do that neither you guys will, I know).

Being social with people is a really good exercise. You get energised when you talk to your friends be it gossip or talking bad about people behind their backs, just laughing on things that happened days ago or even laughing at people. I know thats bad but sometimes a little doesn’t hurt, just a little like incy wincy little, right?

Our friends are our strength. They supports us in our hard times and motivate us to do well. They understand us when sometimes our parents fail to and make us laugh the hell ot when we’re sad. We just sort of connect with them in any way and have a really special bond with them.

Everyone chooses or makes friends on the basis of their own attitude and nature. You all must have heard or read this quote—”Your vibe attracts your tribe”. The kind of outlook you have towards life and your nature always determines the type of friends you have or will have. But there are exceptions as well. Sometimes the kind of friends we stay with are totally opposite from ourselves, that can be in a good way or bad way. At times we kind of love to stay with a company of friends who are different from us. By different I mean to say that they are different in a good way. And sometimes we tend to be easily infuenced by people, who are not healthy for us. They have bad habits and their nature is equally as bad. If we make friends with such people than we slowly become like them. We change, and start doing bad things that we shouldn’t do.

So when it comes in choosing or making friends we should be alert and be with those who are good, caring, loving and who will do no harm to us in any way.

Today’s world is what I call an e-world. There is so much advancement in technologies and electronic gadgets, that no one has time for anyone. Wherever you go, out of ten people you will see atleast six busy on their phones. Which is not healthy, both for  the environment and us.

Due to these social networking sites, we don’t have time for our friends and even if we have a get-together with them, all of us are normally busy on instagram, tumblr, snapchat, etc. that we don’t even  have time to talk to each other, as if phones are our best friends. These days we all, including me wish our friends happy bday on these sites and not personally. We post pictures with people we just met and write below #bestfriends. We even comment on pictures of strangers whom we have never met or people we don’t like by writing  love u, my bae, u be mine, hottie, etc.etc., which is just too fake. There is just too much fakeness nowadays no ones real, which is wrong and weird.


So, all in all we should not be gadget addicts but be friend addicts instead. And spend alot of time with them and make unforgettable memories because the relationship we have with our friends is like, the most special in the world and we should cherish it and value it alot and we should never ever do anything, say anything or break their trust in whatsoever any way because lost friends are like broken pieces of glass, once broken, they can be joined together but the cracks don’t ever go away.

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