“I’m Flawed”

A 17 year old girl, punished for helping an old man, betrayed by a person she thought was perfect, heartbroken to see her sister with her boyfriend at the same place, and most importantly thinking about that one guy whom she shared all her feelings with but never talked to. Celestine North, a beautiful and an intelligent girl who is deprived of all her rights and is considered inferior from all and thats her life, being ‘flawed’.

So, I recently read this book titled—”Flawed” by Cecelia Ahern, which I mentioned above about, and man, I was left speachless after reading it. Like I have never ever read a book like that before, in my life. It had such an emotional connect with me that I was left in tears. I literally started crying at the point where the main plot of the book started developing and didn’t stop till the end. Like I was crying when I was reading it at home, but at school I was like internally crying, if that makes sence because I can’t behave like a crybaby in front of everyone which in turn will result everyone doing #mybezti. Such a lame reason nah?

I don’t like any other genre except love stories when it comes to books. But this book proved me wrong. I really enjoyed it and this book’s kinda close to my heart now. I highly recommend this book to those who like to read emotional stories. And others should give it a try as well. I’m sure you’ll love it. But I’m pissed off at one thing and that is that the ending is full of suspence!!!! Because theres a second part as well which will complete the story and the unsolved mysteries. But I can’t read it till March, when it releases. Thats such a loooooonnngggg wait! Like WTH!!!

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