Hey Guys!!!

I know I’m late but I was so busy with school and other stuff that I didn’t have any time to blog. I am really sorry for that and I promise it won’t happen again.

So you all might agree with me on this statement that our hair is the most admirable part of our body, right? We all spend a whole half an hour or even more time on them every morning. And for what, to impress the opposite sex? Well that’s what I think but I’m not saying that everyone does it to impress. I mean there are lots of people who do it to please themselves but that ratio is really less as compared to the ones who do. If I only talk about the girls here then man, they wake up early in the morning, not to exercise or to do anything productive but to style their hair. Like seriously? And even the boys do the same. They might not take a bath in the morning but their hair should be on fleek. I can never understand the men species. Ok, I get it that beauty is everything but is styling your hair even more important than sleeping. For me, it’s not. I would never sacrifice my sleep for anything, ever.

Image result for tumblr sleepIf I talk about India only, then at school the girls are not allowed to make a pony or to leave their hair open. They have to braid it tight. And the boys are not allowed to style their hair either. Like they have to keep their hair trimmed enough so that they are not able to spike them up or something. So we don’t get to style our hair much, which is unfair. But the girls do make huge or rather ‘tall’ poufs on their hair and then braid rest of their hair. I personally do not like to make poufs because they seem weird to me and according to my best friend they look like as if there speed-breakers in the hair.

Image result for pouf and braidThe boys and girls who live in North or South America, Australia, Europe, New Zealand, China, etc. they are allowed to wear or style their hair the way they want to at school. The girls curl, iron, crimp and what not, do to their hair. And nowadays, even the boys do all this. They are no less than girls.

And coming on to the trends of our school, two french pigtails and the ombre effect are in fashion among the girls and the boys are into growing their hair and side parting it, apparently. Though they can only grow their hair during holidays because of the school rules. Poor boys.

Image result for pigtail braids  Image result for boys hairstyles 2016

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