Crying after a story?!

Is it good to cry after reading emotional stories? A random question that popped up in my mind when I was doing the same. And I thought maybe others might have asked this question to themselves too? So I thought of answering it myself, lol.                  ps. I know that this is a weird question.  But who cares everyones weird, right?

Whenever we read an emotional story we always tend to cry expect for the boys because, first, they dont read much, second, if they do then they’re really strong that tears just dont jut out from their dreamy eyes 👀 and third, they dont really get the story till an extent, the girls do. So, who are left? The pretty girls💁🏼. We girls, when start reading a novel, we fully immerse ourselves into it. And whenever a sad part comes, we start crying 😭. But there are exceptions as well. Some girls are really strong that the sad part doesn’t even effect them.

Crying after reading emotional stories is normal. Its not really weird as other people make it sound. It’s completely normal. If we cry after reading a book 📚 that means that that story touched us from within. And these type of stories remain in our hearts forever. Some people say that if they cry after reading a story then they keep thinking about it, which they dont like cuz they are not able to concentrate on any other thing. Well, yeah we do think about the story but its good to because when we think about the book then it means that the author’s goal is accomplished. Writing emotional stories is not every author’s peice of cake 🎂.It takes alot of effort to make others cry, in a beautiful way though. Every author wants to establish his/ her own mark on the reader and I dont think there’s any better way than this. I know that crying isn’t good but trust me those books which make us cry are really touchy and good 😊 for us. And I dont think theres any harm in crying, right?

So, if you ever cry after reading an emotional story then dont worry. It means that the book is really close to your heart ❤️ and has touched you and after a few days you won’t even remember that you cried, but what you’ll remember is the book, the story, the author, and the characters.

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