DISCLAIMER: Math lovers and mathematicians should not continue to read this blog as there is a 100% chance of they’re hearts failing. So beware☠️

Hey Guys!!!

Hope you all are having the best day! I am certainly not having the best day cuz I freaking have so much math homework to do that you can’t even imagine  <btw u can, if you want> .  

Math is my least favourite subject. Not even least favourite, its my most hated subject in the whole universe. I don’t understand why or how the heck did Aryabhatta even come up with the invention of the number zero. Like he practically ruined numerous lives of the future generations. What was even going on in his mind when he found zero?  Seriously man, he gave the number zero and then he died and now we poor kids are left here doing trigonometry, interest and what not. Well he should apparently reincarnate to solve the type of math problems we do, so that his brain gets fucked up the way ours has because I’m pretty sure that the kind of math we do was nonexistent during Aryabhatta’s reign*.

“By inventing zero he is no hero”-  first ever self written quote. I’m so proud of myself😌✌🏼️. Ain’t I great?

Half of the things we do in math don’t even make sense and majority cant even be used in our daily lives. You guys tell me, How can algebra or trigonometry help us in the long run?!? See, theres no point in studying math. Like the teachers should not khap(torture) their mind and then khap ours. No offence, but Math is a disgrace to human studies. Mathematicians out there coming up with new formulas to destroy our brains are wasting their time. There are lots of other things they can do in life instead of staying in the lab and inventing new formulas.

These days in school, I’m studying trigonometry. And seriously I hate it like hell. Cos, sec, sin  and theeta just mess with mind. I didnt get a single thing from that chapter. So, I neither listen to the teacher and nor do the sums. But instead, I sing songs and irritate others. And no doubt my math lessons are pretty fun these days. But alas! I have lots of pending work to do now😣.

I hope you all liked this blog and whatever I wrote is just for fun so no judging me, eventhough I feel all of what I wrote. This is what I think about math and its not important that you all might think the same. But majority do I guess. So, if you liked it then please give it a like, comment and follow my site for more interesting blogs like this. Till then byee💕

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