Yes, I can run!

Hey Guys!!!

Today I had a really fun day at school so I have alot to talk on. I’ll be telling you about what I did today because what I did was really commendable and exhausting. So without further ado lets get into the blog➡️➡️

We had our cross country today at school and for those who don’t know what cross country is then it is a long distance race 🏁 which is run 🏃 outside on a field. And it is very tiringgg! We all were categorised into different age groups and different age groups had to run different number of rounds of the school campus with one round measuring 1.5 km. I ran four rounds which is 6 km. And man those four rounds felt like 💯to me. As I was running I don’t know from where did “We dont talk anymore” and “One call away” both by Charlie Puth started playing in my head. Like I don’t even like the latter and nor am I a Charlie Puth fan. But still those two songs were stuck in my head.

The first two rounds were ok. But in the third I thought I’d pass out. But then I was like “no Nimrit, you can do it. Just one more round is left” and seriously that helped alot. And I completed the whole race. When I reached the finishing point I was all red. Like my face was really really red. I went to my friends and they started teasing me or you can say that they started doing #mybezti, lol. And on top of that I was really thirsty, so I went to the water 💦 counter and there, a teacher gave me a glass of lemonade and I didn’t know that there was lemonade in it. I thought 💭 it was water so I took a huge gulp of it. The taste was really bad for me because I don’t like lemonade at all. And it was in my mouth, I couldn’t even spit it out. So, I had to drink that one gulp, which was eww… 😷

After that, me and my friends were hanging out and talking in the court where everyone else was seated. Basically, the students of our school are divided into 5 huge groups which are called houses. And each house has a different colour like yellow, green, blue, grey and red. All the competitions in our school happen house wise. Btw I’m in the yellow house. So, as we were hanging out, the head teacher of our house was on rounds and pulling all the yellow shirties back into the enclosure. Whereas, no other house except for maybe one was doing that. Which is unfair. My friend and I zipped up our jackets so that our teacher couldn’t see us and we both were literally hiding all the time. And it was so much fun. But then she saw us and we had to go back. Then we got our snacks and for the first time our school gave us really good snacks— sandwich, samosa(indian snack) and fruit cake 🍰. I was freaking really shocked by this. Like the school’s budget has increased:):) Then we managed to sneak up to the bathroom 🚽 without the teachers noticing, where we took pictures, ate chocolates 🍫 and had fun.

At last, I’d like to make a confession that the teachers should have a cross country as well. They should run to be fitter rather than gossip there. Most of the teachers today standing at different places of the route in which we were running didn’t even cheer us. Which was wrong. So an event like this should be organised for them as well.

I hope you all liked this blog and if you did then please give it a like, comment and follow my site for more blogs.                            Adíos, till the next blog!

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