Types of Girls 💁🏼

Hey Guys!!!

Today, I have a really relatable topic to talk on and that is ‘Types of Girls’. All the girlies out there, reading this can totally relate to it. A while ago, I saw a video on Youtube and I really liked it. So, I thought why not convert the video into a blog. But at first I’d like to clear that whatever written in this blog is from my point of view and perspective only. I just took the ‘idea’ from the video so don’t think  I copied or something. I’ve met and seen the type of girls I’ve mentioned below, at one point of my life or the other. So, theres no exaggeration. And if you guys like this blog then I’ll write one on ‘Types of boys’ maybe. Now, lets get started….

The QueenBee 👸🏼  This girl is practically known as the Mean girl at school. She thinks that she’s the prettiest of all and regards herself as the Queen of the school. She treats others as pieces of shit and is not at all trustworthy. She’s rich af and is not at all into studies. But what she’s most interested in is others lives. She is a huge flirt and has something in her that attracts boys. And, beauty is everything for her.

The spoon🍴 theres no spoon emoji😒✌🏼️*  So this girl is like a follower. She follows the mean girl everywhere and is technically her best friend. She has no opinion or life of her own and does whatever her boss (mean girl) tells her to.

The Wannabe 🙆🏼  This girl just wants to be famous. So, she tries to be someone, she isn’t.

The not so Famous Cool Girl 😎  This girl’s personality is really cool. She’s nice, friendly, lovable, cheerful, confident, pretty and polite towards  others. She is liked by all and enjoys her life. She doesn’t interfare in others matters and lives her life fully. And she is happy with her own group of friends.

The Nerd 🤓  This girl just loves studying. Books 📚 are her friends and shes kinda dumb. She takes part in all sorts of curricular activities amd comes first in them. Fashion is not at all important for her. But A grades are.

The Guy Girl 💁🏼‍♂️  This girl is a guy. She regrets being a girl. She behaves like boys, talks like them and wears clothes like them. Nothing girly amuses her. And these type of girls are interested in girls when it comes to dating. These girls are really fun to be with though.

The Social Butterfly 🎀  So, this type of girl is what I call the ‘gossiper’. She has no true friend because she herself isn’t a true friend. She’s always interested in what others do or say. She says something to someone and something else to the other. Making cross-connections is her hobby. And she needs a hot topic to talk on everyday.

The Shy Girl 🙇🏼‍♀️  This girl is a huge, like a huugggeee introvert. She doesn’t talk much and is always scared. She overthinks alot and is always tensed about what others think about her, due to which she doesn’t enjoy her life and stays with two or three friends only.

The Sporty 🏃🏼‍♀️ This girl just loves sports and going to the gym. She’s really health conscious, so she never eats junk food. Maintaining her figure and being fit are the two important things in her life. And no one should ever take a panga(fight) with her, and the one who does suffers badly.

So, this is the end to this blog and I hope that all the girls related to it. If you like it then please follow my site for more interesting blogs and click the like button down below. This will mean alot to me. And if you want more blogs of this kind then let me know in the comments down below. Till then, adiós 🙋🏼!

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