My Lost Socks

My senior owes me a pair of socks, my own pair of socks, I mean. She hasn’t returned them yet and the reason is still unknown.

I personally don’t have any issues with her not returning my socks yet. This will not affect my attitude towards her either. But yet I don’t know why my thoughts are revolving around my socks only. I just can’t stop thinking about them. They were my favourite. I miss them alot.

I know, I know you all might be thinking—”Socks? Are you serious? You’re crying over a pair of socks? You can buy new ones, it’s no big deal!” But for me it was. I had an emotional bonding with them which no one will understand.

Let me recall that dreadful day… It was a Saturday, the day of our cross country. We all, U-17 girls were lined up and were waiting for our race to commence, when our Sports Incharge came and disqualified girls wearing wrong shorts and wrong socks. That senior was amongst them. I ran the race whereas she wasn’t allowed to.

After the completion of my race, she came up to me and asked me if I could lend her my socks? She even said that she’ll return them to me on Monday, washed and cleaned. I started  debating with my conscience. The red side was saying that I don’t know her so I should neither give them to her and nor trust her and the white side was saying that no, I should lend them to her. She needs them as she was going to run with the U-19 girls now  and helping others is a good deed.  I chose the white side as it suits my personality better and after all I’m very generous so duh, I had to help her. So I took off my socks and handed them to her. I felt sad really sad. It was the first time that my socks were going away from me and that was a really touchy moment.

Saturday ended, Sunday went by miserably and finally happy Monday came. During the weekend, the only thing I could think of were my socks. And I was so excited to get my socks back on Monday but unfortunately she didn’t show up. I saw her the next day but she didn’t seem to remember that she had to return them back. I even greeted her and talked about the cross country, hoping that she’d remember. But she didn’t. I can’t even go up to her and be like “Hey girl! You gonna return my socks or not? Like freaking buy your own. Why you dubbo(keep) mine??” But thats rude. I can’t say that. It’s just not nice. So, I’m back to square one, thinking about when my socks will be back on my feet.

According to me, if we borrow something we should return it as soon as possible. That shows our honesty. No matter what, we should return the borrowed thing even if that means to go up to their grave to do that.

Wednesday’s over too and I still haven’t gotten my socks back. This thing is really bothering me now. Like if she decides to not give them back to me than I’ll just have to accept it. We’ll remain friends but, that thought of her not returning my socks back will bug me till death. But can I do anything about it? No!

I’ve lost all hope now. My socks are not gonna come back to me. It’s really hard to accept the reality but I’ll just have to. Right now I just want to start a movement— Back to Honesty movement so that everyone gets to know the importance of borrowing, lending and returning. At last, I’d like if that senior reads this so that she remembers her dishonesty.

-Sincerely from the owner of the socks

Hey Guys!! I hope you liked this little story of mine, which is based on Stephen Leacock’s story ‘The Lost Dollar’. In the story above, nothing is true except for the socks part. Yes, I did give my socks to someone and I haven’t gotten them back yet. But that really doesn’t matter to me. My best friend gave me this idea of putting my situation into the story-‘My Lost Dollar’ and I really loved the idea so here it is. I modified the story in alot of ways so don’t think that I copied or something.

If you liked it then please follow my site for more blogs of this kind. It would really really mean alot to me. And I’ll conclude by saying a huge thank you to those who love reading my blogs and have followed my site. So Thank you!! And I love you all❤️

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