“All about that bass”?

Hey Guys!!!

Hope your all doing well and having the best day😄! Ok…so, today’s blog is kinda short but interesting and about something you all really love ❤️. Literally no one can survive without it. You can say that it’s a person’s lifeline. And the thing I’m talking about is..is..is…any guesses?? No?






It’s MUSICCC🎶🎶 Lol 😂. Too much of the suspence? I know it was lame though.

Everyone in this whole world 🌎 no, Universe loves to hear music. It might be really rare to find a non-music lover. Music is everything. When we listen to music all of our tensions fly away. It lifts up our souls and takes us to another world.

When we’re sad we listen to music, when we’re angry we listen to music, when we’re happy we listen to music and when we’re tensed we listen to music. It brings a sence of joy in us and our surroundings. Everything feels and looks much better. Music has  something in it that makes it feel like heaven. It’s like a drug, we need it all the time.

I believe in this thing that those, who don’t like music, don’t have good personalities either. I’ve met such people in my life.

Everyone knows Adolf Hitler right? We all have heard that he never laughed or enjoyed his life. And the reason behind it was that he never listened to music! He just didn’t like it. Though I know, there might be some bigger reasons for his not laughing, but not listening to music is of course a major one. So those who don’t listen to music should definitely do because music is the best thing ever discovered by humanity. It diverts our stressed out mind to something really happy.

I personally Love music alot. My voice is not that good but you’ll still find me singing during lessons at school.

And at home 🏡, music’s on and I dance to it or pretend like I’m singing 🎤 at a concert or something. And that makes me really happy 😊.

Down below is a list of 10 songs that I’ve been bingeing on to. I’m sure everyone’s listened to them but those who haven’t should definitely go and listen to them right now!

1. Don’t let me down Chainsmokers ft. Daya

2. Crank that Soulja Boy

3. Let me love you Justin Bieber

4. I hate you I love you Gnash ft. Olivia O’brien

5. We don’t talk anymore Charlie Puth ft. Selena Gomez

6. Sorry Beyonce

7. Thats my Girl Fifth Harmony

8. Bacon Nick Jonas

9. Closer Chainsmokers ft. Halsey

10. Starving Hailee Steinfield

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