Christmas Throughout the Years ft. Diversion3000

Hey guys!!!

So this is my first collab with the nicest person I’ve known. She is the first person, I know from this blogging world and it’s an honor to collaborate with her. If you haven’t read her blogs, then people, what are you even doing with your lives?? Go check out her blogs, there really fun to read– Hope you enjoy the blog!! And Thanks for collaborating with me, I had so much fun❤️❤️@Diversion3000


christsmas-1HI GUYS!

How’s it going? I hope good! Today’s post is gonna be about (as it says in the title) how Christmas changes along the years! Yay!! Cause we don’t see Christmas the same way forever, do we?

Today’s post is going to special because I got the AMAZING saorsablogs with me! She’s amazing, make sure to check out her blog guys! Yassss 😆😆 Let’s begin:

Do you think that Christmas has changed since you were a kid till now?

SAORSABLOGS – Yeah, totally! There’s a drastic change since then and now. When I was a kid, the only thing that I’d think of was, what kind of presents I’d get for Christmas. Would it be board games, barbies, a build-a-bear teddy or a kitchen set, lol 😂. I’d always be curious. I used to write all these items down on a piece of paper and hand it to my parents so…

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