#1D Unite

Hey Guys!!!

I hope you all are doing well and having a great day! Today’s post is on a really sentimental topic. It may not be as sentimental to you as it is to my friends and I. But still it is very sentimental. So, the thing I’m talking about is ONE DIRECTION!!!! Yes people, today’s blog is on ‘those five lads’!

Once upon a time, there were these five handsome, beautiful, hot, talented, attractive, loving, cute, intuitive, etc..etc..Boyss, “together”. They were so sweet and lovable that no girl in this whole world could resist not fan-girling them. Their voices sounded like heaven and their songs just lit up fire 🔥 in our hearts. When they were together, they made the best music 🎶. But alas, those happy days lasted till 4 years only. And now we only have their songs to listen to. They’re never seen together now, which breaks million girls hearts. Like seriously what happened to them?? Ok, I get it that they didn’t wanna work together anymore, but how can they distant themselves from each other so much? They were practically the bestest* of friends. They spent 4 years of their lives together and now, they act as if they don’t even know each other. Whenever they meet, there’s this awkwardness in between them. For example, two weeks ago, you all must have seen the American Music Awards and there was this random person who filmed Zayn Malik and Niall Horon’s awkward handshake. It looked as if someone told Niall forcefully to shake hands with him. Like seriously? Ok, they wanted their own space, we get it. But why don’t they talk to each other? Why cant we see them together? Not as ex-members of one direction, but as friends who spent one/third of their lives together???

And if you haven’t seen their awkward handshake then click on the link down below👇👇


It really hurts to not see them singing live at concerts and in music videos. They all looked so good together. They complemented each other perfectly. After the Beatles, One Direction was the only boy band in the history of music, to top all charts and have such a huge fan-following across the whole world. Every single girl on this planet has crushed* on them. And why wouldn’t the girls crush on them? They all are so handsome and flawless that no girl can resist loving them.

I just want them to be back together and see them create the same old magic, that they used to. They still are my favourite and will forever be. I love each and every one of them. They will always remain in my heart❤️ #directionerforlife💕

I really loved writing today’s blog and I’m sure all of you enjoyed reading it as well. All those who liked this blog, comment #1Dunite and your favourite 1D memeber’s name down below!!

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