Heartbreaks ft. Diljot

Hey Guyss!!!

Hope you all are having a great day!! Today’s post is really special because it’s my second collab with a wonderful writer and friend Diljot! He writes beautiful quotes so go follow him on instagram—@diljotnarula. We both brought you guys a really amazing, funny  and relatable blog today. The first part of the blog is written by Diljot while the second is written by me. So, without more babbling, lets get into the blog👉👉


It’s really tough if you have suffered one. If not then this isn’t the topic you would like to read.


People love because they need an emotional and moral support. They date because they find that in the other person.

For the fact that I see teenagers around me bragging about the forever thingy.


Like just you have been dating someone hardly foe a few months and you’re already promising a forever, and the other person just might be so into that and build his/her imaginary world with that single promise. SO PLEASE THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK.

Love is a really strong word. It’s like you peel of your heart and hand it to someone without even thinking. AND THEY COULD DO ANYTHING WITH IT.

And people say you can keep it forever. Like how are you even going to survive with it.

I am not against love but if isn’t real why are you effing using someone? Like making out isn’t the only goal.

Maybe in your greediness you might finish up someone’s innocence.

Not really. Everyone is in greed of something. Instead I have seen more heart-breaks than heart-makes (ik it doesn’t make sense but it rhymes)

Sorry, I got deviated from the topic.

So heartbreaks can make or break your life. Totally depends on your attitude, how you deal with it. If you’ll be always bragging about what all problems you had, how you were so right, how you were treated bad etc etc. It will not help out but make the case more worst.

I exactly know what it feels like, not able to forget someone whose been an emotional pillar to you so easily, but atleast you can try. You can’t this alone, you need a friend whose gonna support you all throughout your heartbreak.

Idc if you’ve handled a thousand heartbreaks but you can’t handle your own like never. You need a person whose got to say you same stuff that you used to motivate someone else.

In the end I would just say please love with care. It could kill you innerself. Think wisely before choosing someone and calling them your forever. IF YOU DO SO THEN KEEP THE COURAGE TO FINISH WHAT YOU STARTED AND KEEP YOUR WORD. Instead of letting hanging someone with all that pain and all that shit you did.
And for all those teenagers out there investing time in studies would give you a better out than love would.
This is my first try to this blog thingy, I hope you guys like it. 🙂


1. Try to find out some new talents in yourself. You never know how much hidden talent you’ll find. And when you do, you’ll be really surprised. Try to get better in it.

2. Go out with your friends more. Don’t lock yourself up in your house. Staying in your house and thinking about the guy who broke your heart will make you sick. So go out, have fun and chill.

3. Do not listen to sad songs or heartbreak songs. It will worsen your state of mind even more. Listen to high-vibe and happy songs.

4. Dance it out. You love dancing or not, just put on a song and dance the hell out. Take out all your anger in the dance and dance like no ones watching. Believe me, you’ll feel relieved.

5. Binge on to youtube videos and netflix. Watch some new shows on netflix or videos on youtube. You’ll feel happy and better.

6. If you love to read then grab a good book and a cup of coffee and start reading. You’ll be transported to a different world full of happiness.

7. Read some inspirational quotes. This helps alot. It’ll  help you to heal and be a different person. And, view the situation from a different perspective.

8. Whatever you feel, don’t keep it to yourself. Share all your feelings with someone who will understand and make you feel better. It will kill you inside if you keep it to yourself.

9. Groom yourself. Yes! Go shopping and try something new. Glam up and look bomb. Flood your social media with hot pictures of yourself. You’ll fell much happier and independent. *So your ex regrets breaking your heart🙄😂*

10. And last but not the least, stay positive. Don’t waste your time crying or thinking about a person whose not even worth it. Be optimistic and think that your life ahead will be better without that douche. The way you think positive or negative will always affect your life and the decisions you take in it.

So, thats a wrap to this blog. I hope you all enjoyed reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it. Hope this inspires some of you too. And a huge thank you to Diljot for collaborating with me. Your an amazing writer!!

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