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Hey Guys!!!

Hope your all doing well and having a great day! It’s been a while since I’ve posted any Book Review. So, I thought of doing it today because I have lots to say on this book I recently read. Some of you might have guessed by now but those who haven’t, then the book I’m going to review on is—”Life Uploaded” by Sierra Furtado!!

Let me just brief out the story to you guys. So, this book is about Harper a nerdy and ugly girl who has a crush on her best friend’s boyfriend. She never tells this to anyone but her best friend Gwen finds out and so, they part ways; she moves to some other place. Then Harper confesses her love to Gwen’s ex Jack, on whom she had a long-term crush on. He rejects her. She’s really heartbroken by this and that night the world of youtube is introduced in her life. She gets really fascinated by it and in a short span she becomes a youtuber with a million subscribers. She’s a whole celebrity now and gets invited to all A-list parties. And on one of these parties she meets her celeb-crush and British movie star Dalton James. Both of them start dating each other and among this Harper gets cyber-bullied by someone on twitter. No one knows who that person is and she takes this lightly as its kinda normal. And when she’s happy with her life and boyfriend Dalton James, he does something really bad to her and Harper herself also does something bad to her best friend Ellie. That cyber-bully’s getting on her nerves too. Her whole life’s turning upside down. She doesn’t know what to do. And on top of that, there’s this person who was always behind the shade waiting for her, which she never realised.

Ok, so first of all let’s just talk about how pretty the cover is, both front and back. Sierra looks so damn beautiful that no one can resist not buying this book. So a huge shoutout to the photography and the cover Illustrator team, who did a phenomenal job in making the cover. It’s really impressive.

But there’s this saying that “Dont judge a book by its cover”, and this quote pretty much implies on this book. The first page was really unimpressive but when I read further I fell in love with the book. The way everything is described is so realistic. You feel like as if all those things are happening with you. The way Sierra has written the book is so much her style, which I really love. By the way, those who don’t know Sierra, which you should, then she’s a beauty and lifestyle youtuber. Her videos are amazing💯. If you wanna check out her channel then click the link down below👇👇

So, getting back to the topic, the book is really amazing. It’s short and sweet, which many people like. But for me it was too short. Like there could be alot more written. Towards the end everything is kinda ‘to the point’. I just didn’t want the book to end so fast. The storyline is really good but I didn’t like the end much. The ending made no sense; it was abrupt in fact. The more real it was in the middle the less it made sense in the ending. Like the reactions of the characters to some situations, the change in nature of Dalton and the resonings to some things in the book were really weird and not expected. All in all they made no SENSE?!

I was kinda let down by this book because I expected alot. And I do not recommend this book to boys of course and those girls who read books on daily basis. They wouldn’t like it. But the girly girls who don’t read much and are into fashion and makeup will love it💕.  And I really hope Sierra releases a sequel to it soon cuz there are many things I wanna know more about the story.

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You’re my everything goals❤️

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