Boredom during the holidays

Hey Guys!!!

Hope your all doing great and enjoying ur holidays!! Well I certainly am. But you all know that holidays can be boring at times too. There are days when you have nothing to do except check your social medias and see how much others are enjoying and sulk in the corner, right?? That happens with me, lol. When we’re in school we’re like “When’s this shit gonna end??”,” When are the holidays gonna begin?? ” And when the holidays start, after having fun for like max 5 days, we’re like “damn, when’s school starting?” I know this feeling is really weird but we all have it. So, I thought of giving you guys some ideas on How to fight the boredom during the holidays. And without further babbling lets get into the blog👉👉

1. Go out with your friends more. Plan sleepovers, fancy yourself at resturaunts with them, have a game day, go shopping or just chill at home. Try spending more time with them. By this you wont be bored and your bond with them will tighten.

2. Try to learn something new. Be it a game or any hobby. Take up lessons or just learn fron the internet. Trust me, being occupied with something different and new and that you’ve never done before, will really amaze you and comsume your time. So, in short you wont be bored.

3. Give your room a new makeover! Do it yourself though, like everything. Paint the walls with another colour, arrange your things in a different manner, make some beautiful diy’s for your room, hang some pictures, light it up and all sorts of other stuff. Doing this will make you feel new.

4. Read some books of the genre you like the most, watch some movies and shows on netflix or videos on youtube. You will get addicted to them and that’s how you wont be bored during the holidays.

5. Try to learn a new language. Personally I’d go for this idea because I love to learn different languages. But then am lazy so I’m not able to😅. But I’m sure you guys ain’t and will consider this idea. It’s realy fun though.

6. Make a schedule. Pre-plan all your events for each day and write them down in a diary or calendar. This way you’ll have lots of things to do and you wont be bored either.

7. Be social. Get involved in some group or club. By this you’ll have some work to do and will have fun as well.

8. This point is co-related with the above one. Try to do something for the betterment of the underprivileged. You and your friends can go and teach poor children, help the needy, go to old-age home and entertain the “oldies”, or just educate the poor about the pros and cons of certain things. Believe you’ll feel great!

So, these were some points that I could think of and I know there are many more. But these ones came into my mind and rest maybe you already know or might have read somewhere else, so yeah. I hope you all liked this blog and found it useful. And if you did then please give it a like, comment and follow my site for more interesting blogs.

Love you all❤️

9 thoughts on “Boredom during the holidays

  1. These are great things to do!! I’m already learning english, we’re also being taught french in school but I don’t really feel interested in it LOL
    I’m also planning on cleaning my closet, but I’m too lazy to do it, I should do it before I feel even lazier. 😛
    I loved this post!! XD

    Liked by 1 person

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