Alone? Feel as if no one cares about you? Have a thought of ending your life?? Think that your life sucks?? Feel as if no one cares??? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Hey Guyss!!!

These days I see lots of people alone and depressed and I really don’t like it. The feeling of being alone is even worse than getting cancer, believe me it is. Not having friends to talk to and being ignored is not at all healthy. And on top of that, others teasing and treating you like shit, as if your from some other planet or something, is like showing daggers. And this has a huge effect on one’s mind. Having no friend and not being able to share your feelings with anyone, can lead you to severe depression, from which it’s really hard to recover. But at times the situation is such that you have no option other than staying alone and cutting off from everyone.

And to overcome this lonliness, the pain of not having anyone or simply to just be happy alone, I have come up with some tips and ideas, which I hope can help any loner.

1. Start enjoying your own company. When you know that being alone is the only option left then  you’ll have to deal with it. Have faith in yourself; think about yourself highly and as if your some king/queen. Dont give a shit about what people think or say about you. Turn on the tolerance level, a notch higher.

2. Talk to yourself. This is a really great exercise. Whenever you feel low or even happy, say it out aloud to yourself. Talk as if your telling your friend these things because theres no better friend then your own self. By doing this you’ll even get to know alot about yourself and it will also help you to become a better human-being.

3. Try observing people. It’s really fun. Look at what they do and how they do it. At times it can tell you alot about themselves and what they are going through. So, you’ll be like “I’m not the only one with problems. There are many more peeps out there who have bigger problems than me.” This will boost some confidence in yourself.  And obeserving others can be hilarious too. Their talks, their walks and whatever they do can tickle your funny bone alot.

4. Bring some positivity in yourself. If you’ll be optimistic, then being alone wont bother you either. The way you think and look towards life will always determine your future. So be happy😄

5. Try some new things and then show em off around people, if you deperately want friends. I swear this will attract alot of people towards you.

6. Run for about 15-20 minutes everyday. Bring some sweat outta your body. This will release some happy hormones in you and settle down the stress hormone.

7. Dance! Whenever you feel low or even happy then put on some high vibe happy song and dance! Dance out all your feelings. Trust me you’ll feel much better.

8. Believe in yourself and stay positive. Untill and unless you wont believe in yourself, you’ll never be happy; nothings gonna work. And don’t think about things too much. It’ll mess your mind. Just don’t give a shit. Do what you like to, not what others want you to.

9. Try to find happiness in the smallest of things. Life is meant to be enjoyed. So enjoy, laugh more and do all sorts of crazy stuff alone. Its really fun. Theres no better company than yourself.

10. If you feel low or angry, write it down on a piece of paper. Whatever you feel just write it, tear the whole page and throw it in the garbage. My best friends gave me this tip and trust me it really works.

11. So this last point is complementary and in honour of my new idol 🙏 BEYONĆE🙏 Her songs are amazing and the lyrics are so savage that they just light me up. So, I recommend you all to listen to her songs. They can cure anyone.

So, I hope you guys liked this post and found it helpful. And if you did then give it a like and those who are new here, follow my site for more blogs like these. It really means alot💕

love u all n Adiós till the next blog❤️

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