Types of People on Valentines ft. ma Bestie❤️

Hey Guys!!!

So, its finally the day all lovers *especially girls👀* been waiting for— Valentines Day!! And guess what me still single on this Valentines✌🏿️😌 But like Do I Care?! nahhhhh.. And plus who would want to spend time handling their partners nakhra (attitude), waste money on gifts and chocolates of course, rite? 🙄😂 So, in honour of this “lovey-dovey” day my best friend and I have come up with an exciting blogg, which you might have guessed by now from the title-“Types of people on Valentines”!!  So, without more blabbering lets get into the blogg➡️➡️

1. Single Mingled: This type of person is always single on Valentines. He/She will watch other couples enjoying and stuff and will cuss himself, sulk in the corner and eventually will just buy chocolates n presents and gift them to him/herself. So, technically this person will be eating and watching romantic movies or shows on Valentines alone.

2. “It’s Complicated”: This is a type of couple whose relationship is kinda complicated. Like both of them like each other and they know it too. But then they have not, kind of accepted that they’re in relationship. So they’re technically not in relationship, but then on the other hand they are as well, if that makes sense?. So yeah its complicated.

3. Food is my only bae❤️: This person cannot think of anything or rather, anyone else except for food. Food is that person’s one and only love. He/She cannot live without it *ik no one can but this ones an just extreme case*. This person is in relationship with food. And will spend Valentines night eating food and lounging around.

4. Long Distance: As the name suggests, this couple has a long distant relationship. Both are alone on Valentines wondering what the other one is doing and whether he/she is cheating on him/her or not😂 So, practically they don’t get to enjoy this day at all. They will keep missing their partner and will wait for some surprise gift to arrive, lol.

5. Me, Myself and I: This person is just so obsessed with his/herself that Valentines day doesn’t even matter. He/She will do everything for his/herself, all day. This type of  person does not give a shit to anyone and will pamper oneself on Valentines.

6. One sided Lover: This type of person is a one-sided lover. He/she will enjoy a few glances here and there, likes his/her crush alot but will never confess it because he/she is just too shy to. But this person is dying from the inside to have one conversation with his/her crush once, and has brought gifts for his/her crush, but just doesn’t have the courage to.

7. The Touchy couple: This type of couple is particularly that “lovey-dovey” couple who is inseparable all the time especially on Valentines Day. They will just go on and on praising about how lovable their partner is. Both of them keep on telling, how much they love each other and all. And just won’t leave each others side all day.

8. ‘Friendzoned’: This type of person tries really hard to woo his/her crush and even makes the effort to buy a gift for crush. But when he/she goes and gives the gift, his/her crush replies—”aww..this is so sweet of you! Your such a great friend! Thanks!” And there goes that person’s dream in the ocean.

9. The Shy Couple: So this type of couple is like really really shy to express their feelings in public or even to each other. Holding hands on Valentines Day is the first huge step and achievement they’ve taken in their relationship. Bless this couple🙏

10. “ma bestie be the best”: So this couple is not a boy-girl one and nor is it a lesbian one. It’s just two best friends who love each other alot and don’t have any valentine, so they be each others valentine. Both of them gift each other presents and have a typical girls day out.

So, thats a wrap to this lovely blog of mine😊 I hope you all enjoyed reading this as much as we enjoyed writing it. This idea just suddenly came up in my best friend’s mind today so we wrote it down. And if you liked it then give it a like, comment and follow my site for more amazing blogs! *my clichéd line, but whatever*

Pssst…which person or couple did you relate to??? Comment down below👇👇


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