The Exam Scenario

Hey Guys!!!

So, my exams are about to start in two days and I’m really stressed. I should be studying but I don’t know why I’m not able to concentrate?! It’s seems as if, that shit ain’t wanna get into my mind. Like it’s not that I don’t get good grades and stuff. But from the past few days I just don’t feel like studying. My grades are going down, but still my attitudes like “I don’t care”, which is wrong cuz I should care when ma finals are on top of my head.

I just wanna lock myself up in my room, watch youtube, read books, write, sleep and eat. Like literally thats what I wanna do with my life. But then I know I can’t fail, so I have to study, but I’m not able to. These exams are really going hard on me. The effin struggle is actually Realll!!

In today’s blog I am gonna tell you guys about the general scenario of our school and students during an exam day. Alot of things happen, so enough of the babbling now. Let’s get into da blog👉👉


The day starts with everyone pouring into their assigned classes with books in their hands. Some look tensed, nervous or stressful whereas, some are just too over-confident or have that “I really don’t care, I’m gonna pass anyways” kinda attitude.

Then theres this usual last-minutes-before-the-exam-cram-session. Everyone just wants to absorb whatever they can before the exam starts. All the doubts that students have get cleared in the morning by other students cuz they were just too lazy to listen or ask the doubts before. So, theres this mini-tution going on too.

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So all in all, everyones studying, but in different ways and the noise level is just too high. Like theres a full on khap(madness) in the classrooms. Then the bell rings and we all proceed for the most boring thing in the world, Our morning assemblies! And there we get a lecture of not using “unfair means to pass”, which I don’t think anyone really listens or follows. But still we have to stand there and listen, like da fuk..

Then finally we get into our classrooms, where I don’t know how the teacher just shows up before us because we all were in the assembly together. So, it’s kind strangeV and still a mystery for me. And then we go through this shitty long list of rules on how to write on our paper, like every damn day, and there still will be a student who will do something or the other wrong.


When we finally start, for the first half an hour, I guess, theres no cheating happening but after that all the magic happens. Some teachers are just so bugh(dumb), that they don’t get anything; not able to catch anyone cheating, even under their nose. But there are some who have an eagle’s eye and with them being in class, cheating becomes really hard. But we dem students are just so smart that it still happens.YO🤘

The ones who cheat, are not really good at studying; waste the whole year; don’t use their brains, but during the exams I don’t know how their brains suddenly start working. They use all their creativity and mind to find out new ways to cheat, which makes no sense to me.

During the exam there’s a habit of one or the other student to keep asking or rather, bugging the teacher on how much time is left. Like this line is religiously used every day till the last exam and has become the anthem of our exam days.


Then after 2 or 3 hours, when our exam ends and we go outside, there’s a huge chaos in the corridors. Like mostly everyone’s having this after-exam-discussion. The noise level is on it’s peak and it’s really difficult to go through and get outside the building. And when we finally manage to get out, after an exhausting exam what do we students need? A good snack! But instead life gives us bananas:(

So that is it to this blog. I hope you all enjoyed reading it!! And Best of luck👍👍 to ma fellow Yadavindrians for their exams!

ps: Comment down below if you related to this blog!!



5 thoughts on “The Exam Scenario

  1. Omg this was so true!! And yeah, not that I get bad grades either, but I just don’t feel like studying, EVER! Still I have to but meh.. whatever!! 😛
    I related so much to this post! XD It’s true that before the exam, everyone’s holding their book to try to memorize what they can before it starts. I’ve done it a million times and it never worked, now I don’t overstress (is that even a word?) myself like that. And after the exam, it’s typical that everyone’s discussing and asking each other what they wrote and stuff. I honestly don’t want to make myself nervous before seeing the results; if I effed it up, there’s nothing I can do now!
    And I hate when teachers don’t notice people cheat during exams, that annoys the crap out of me!!!!
    I loved this post!!! XD XD
    P.S. Sorry for the essay comment! 😛

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