Hey Guys!!!

I know it’s been a while, quite a while actually, since I’ve last posted. And I’m really sorry for that. There’ll be regular posts from now, I promise. So I last posted before my exams, a month ago probably. And lots of things happen in a month. So in today’s post I’ll give u guys a bit life update *as if you all are eager to know but whatever, hehe* So lets get started👉👉

Exams got over finally and I’m really disappointed cuz I didn’t do that well as compared to last time. My parents think it’s because of blogging but No it’s not. Writing and me, just sort of clicked. I was never into writing before. But after reading Girl Online by Zoe Sugg, I thought of it and was really eager to start blogging. Though at that time I  only thought about getting famous. But now it’s different. I feel like writing every single moment of my life, and I even do. Lots of things keep going on in my mind. Like what I’m gonna write next, some short story or I just start writing something in my head. All these thoughts don’t leave my head and because of them, I think I wasn’t able to concentrate much. But nonethelessl, I still got really good marks in math which was totally unexpected.

After my exams got over, I celebrated my birthday!! And it was really fun. We went to pizza hut where the staff was really lazy. The service was no good. But the cake was really yummy 😋 Ugghhhh…I WANNA HAVE CAKE RN!! Then we went to this Haunted House which was really shitty. Like it was so so dark in there that we couldn’t even see the ghost set ups. But still I managed to scream a thousand times in there😌 After that we saw the movie Beauty and the Beast, where I messed up. I lost 9 tickets. I know I’m really clumsy but thank god we still got to go inside. I really loved the movie, though I think some people found it boring. But for me, it was really good, which is what matters the most, right?🙊👅 And at last, we all girlies had a crying session. We all cried alot. Reason, cuz I’m leaving them. So yeah, my birthday ended with everyone crying and getting mad at me, lol.

Then I went to spend some time with my cousins. Which was really amazing. And every night I’d tell myself that “Nimrit tomorrow you have to write a blog, no matter what” and everyday I’d fail. I would just lie around, read some novels and binge watch youtube all day. Like I wasted many days like that. Which is not right. But today I finally sat down and wrote this. Theres gonna be lots of great stuff coming up on my blog. And I’m also thinking of writing a blog novel, if that makes sense. Like every week I’ll be posting one chapter of the story. And I really hope you like it!!

So, this is it to today’s blog and I hope you all are doing good and enjoying life. If you want to read a particular kind of blog then please comment down below. I’ll surely look forward to it.

ps: Also, comment down below where you all are from👇👇  I’d really love to know!

6 thoughts on “Update

  1. Happy Birthday Nimrit! 🕯️ 💐 🍰 ⛱️ 🎉
    You have discovered what you love to do! You cannot make someone
    love to write. Even a great writer that doesn’t like to write, will never be
    as prolific as someone who writes, loves writing, & lives to write. 💗 💖 💝

    You are the CEO of your own brand. 🤓🔥😎That is BOSS! You get to write,
    experiment, communicate directly with your readers, this was not possible
    15 years ago. You are crafting your skills & creating content long before
    you have the added stress of writing your first book. Lots of young authors
    are bloggers first, blogging is a truly holistic practice, your self expression!

    I think traditional schooling isn’t the only option ESPECIALLY for millennials💻.
    This is 2017 not 1917. 🏛️ You can learn more in a 2 day writing workshop than
    8 months of unrelated classes just to get “credits” to continue doing the same.

    Even at our “prestigious” art institution they didn’t teach us anything about blogging.
    Blogging integrates, webdesign, writing, photography, branding, lifestyle, & research.
    I don’t care what Anna Wintour thinks tbh. Every day you are doing your own research,
    (youtube counts btw). Learning is learning . Just like praying is praying.
    Where you do it is really the least important part of the actual process.

    Keep up the great work! Remember blogging is a long distance sport & not a sprint 💯!

    Sending good vibes & sunshine from Miami. This is YOUR life, live, learn, blog, be happy!

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      1. The way we see the Universe 🌌(& Blogging) it can be like talking to your younger self.
        98% of people are non-receptive. But the 2% that are you can communicate with directly.
        What would you tell your younger self? Mainly 🔼 lol, but also, going forward Millennials,
        Echo Boomers, & soon Generation A. are all running on faster & faster processors 📈,
        how we use them is totally up to us. But we do not need to sit in a boring classes with 30+
        other people, paying tons of $💰$ to learn something we can already be doing NOW in our
        Teens! In 5 years, all the stuff they are teaching will be totally obsolete, as the technology
        is changing too rapidly, you already have your blog, have your brain in the game, & you
        have hit the ground running. Just keep doing YOU, keep trying for your personal best. 🥇🏆

        Other peoples expectations & opinions are Irrelevant, trust & believe.💯 (older self talking)
        You already have an International Brand📸, & just getting started. Haters will always Hate 🛒🔥

        Just know that in this International community (of your own making btw) you already have more
        friends, ideas, resources, cheerleaders, & allies than you can imagine, it is all how u see it.🤸🏻🤾🏻🎉

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      2. DAmnn!! This is so good and inspirational. And yeah, you’re right. We all, in our teenage, can bring a whole lot of changes in the world. We don’t need to sit in a classroom where we don’t really understand anything. Like seriously where can algebra or the pythagoras theoram be applied in real life?!
        Instead we all should learn about this stuff. About whats really happening in the world! We should come up with solutions maybe, and try to make a difference.


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