Why is the World so Cruel??!?

Hey Guyss!!

Today in the morning, when I was watching youtube videos, I came across something really unusual. It’s not something I’d normally watch but I had to see it. After seeing the video I googled about this and the pictures I saw and the article I read, was really touching. I was left in tears. How could the world be so cruel?? What did these innocent people ever do to them?? Why are they being punished, when they haven’t even done anything wrong??? Why do “they” only have to go through all this cruelty?? All these questions popped up in my mind but sadly there are no answers.

You all might be wondering what video I’m talking about. Well, this video is about a man named Abdel Hameed al-Youssef, who lost all his family in the recent Syria Chemical Weapon attack. He lost 22-25 family members, which included his wife and his 9-month old twin babies. He buried his babies himself alongside his wife’s grave. It must have been so painful for him to loose his own babies in front of his eyes. His state right now is unimaginable. He has no one by his side. All his loved ones were taken away from him in such a cruel manner. Imagine, the day when his babies came to life, he might have been the happiest person in the whole world. That moment must have been so joyous for him. But little did he know that he’d only have 9 months to spend with them.


He’s not the only person though, there are thousands more who are suffering in Syria. What is their mistake? Nothing. They haven’t done anything wrong. There humans and want to live their life peacefully, the way we all day. But alas, they can’t. Every day there’s this fear of dying in their minds. They know that anything can happen to them at any moment. They live with the fear of dying everyday. But all they can do is pray to God. But even that’s not helping.

We all have everything. Food, shelter, good clothes, cars, expensive electronics, loving family and every damn thing in this world. But still there are people including me, who take all these things for granted. We just don’t care and appreciate what all we have. Which is really wrong. We are blessed to have such a wonderful life. It hurts that kids in Syria don’t have much. There just like us. Have the same dreams and aspirations, have certain goals in life and many things they want to do. But they don’t have that opportunity. Unlike us, they don’t even get to go to school much.

We have everything but still, we brag about how shitty our life is. I’m not saying that life can’t be shitty, it can. But it can not be worse than those people who get terrorized everyday, who’ve lost all their families in such attacks and go on with having no food for many days. They have nothing but are still living and there are many people who have everything but because of some minor problems decide to suicide.

The suffering amongst these people is the worst. They’ve gone through alot and still are. Guys, go on google images once and search for different countries like England, France, USA, Australia, Canada, etc. You’ll see such beautiful images of these countries. And on the other hand search for countries like Syria and Iraq and the images you’ll see are down below..


I really wish I can do something for these people. There loss is irreparable. Right now we can only sympathize. Terror needs to be stopped. Taking lives of innocent people is the worst sin ever. At the end I’d say that we all should live in peace and harmony, have respect for each other, live with the spirit of brotherhood and be thankful for the life we  have got.



12 thoughts on “Why is the World so Cruel??!?

  1. I have no words. I loved this post!! Yeah, the world can be a pretty sh*tty place. We humans are really bad and we should be ashamed. And you’re right, we should be thankful for the lives we have and sometimes we forget it. Thank you for sharing!!

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