I Found True Love?!

Hey Guyss!!

I Nimrit, a 16 year old clumsy and weird girl proudly wants to announce that I have finally found my one and only true love. AHhhhhhh!! YASSS!! I HAVEE!!! It’s kind of unbelievable right? I myself can’t believe that it happened. But it has, and you guys are the first to know *note the priority..lol*  Ok, wait. Let me have a moment here first. I need to digest everything in before I tell you guys about it.

*10 minutes later*

Yess! I’m ready now! The whole thing for you guys might be unreal. But for me it’s realistic and everything. Huge part of my heart infact. I fell in love with the wrong person. He’s done quite alot of bad stuff in his life. And by bad I mean extreme level bad. Regardless, I fell for him. He’s the man I want in my life. Forever.

Towards the end, when I got to know him more. He was a totally different personality. He wasn’t bad. He was good. Maybe even the best. He’s an ordinary guy who loves poetry and dreamt of being an astronaut. But instead, had to become an assassin. Life made him hard from the outside. He was forced to do all that stuff because his family was into this business, mafia business. He had to uphold his family legacy. But he was different from all his family members. When all of them found joy in killing people he grieved it. But couldn’t do anything about it. The more I understood him, the more I got attached to him. But alas, I couldn’t have him. He loves someone else. Someone who is a great match for him.  Someone who made him believe that there is life outside all this vendetta. Someone who finally changed his life and made him happier. Someone who convinced him to leave and follow his dreams. Both of them understood each other really well. I was really happy for them though. They were made for each other. Luca Falocone and Sophie Gracewell.

And yes I fell in love with a book character. Weird eh? But anyone would fall in love with Luca. His olive skin colour, his toned body, black hair and Sapphire blue eyes. Seriously, that is really hard to resist.

I just finished reading Mafiosa, Book 3 from the Blood for Blood trilogy by Catherine Doyle. And guys I. Am. Shook. The only thing I can think of is and the only words that came out of my mouth after reading it were LUCA LUCA LUCA LUCA LUCA LUCA……. I’m not kidding. The way the author has portrayed his character in all the three books is amazing. Anyone would fall in love with Luca. HE IS THE BEST!!


I have never read such books before. Ever. I am not able to get the story out of my mind. Seriously I’m not able to. It’s perfect. No other book series can be better than this one, in the whole entire universe. The only thing I think about these days is Luca. And Sophie. Their life together. Their relationship, before and after the blood war. I cannot get them out of my mind.

Catherine Doyle, if your reading this, which you probably aren’t, but whatever. You are the best author I reckon. I’ve never in my life been so indulged in a book before. I didn’t want Mafiosa to end. I wanted it to keep on going. It is so damn beautifully written. Hats off to you xx

Guys you all should read the BLOOD for BLOOD trilogy. You will be transported to a whole different world. This book has everything in it. Romance, thriller, suspence, mystery, revenge, drama, action, comedy, sarcasm, etc. etc…  You name one genre and you’ll find it in the book. It’s an All in one package.

I had read the first and second books before and was eagerly waiting for Mafiosa to come out. And when it did. Some of my friends bought it and I borrowed it from one of them. When Mafiosa came into my hands I literally started jumping up and down, was screaming like a child, dancing like a weirdo and hugging it as if it was the most expensive thing I had. My sister was really annoyed by my behavior. But I just couldn’t help it. After reading Mafiosa, I decided to start from scratch. Right now, I’m reading all the three again. I have never read any book twice. But these three are just magical and have touched my heart. So I couldn’t refrain myself from reading them again. I so badly want a movie to be made on this trilogy. I can’t wait to see these books get transformed into reel.


If you guys are wondering what the main plot is then I’ll tell a bit about it. The story is about Persephone aka Sophie Gracewell who is a 16 year old girl who works at her uncle’s diner in a Chicago suburb. Five mysteriously hot brothers shift into her neighbourhood, And she finds herself attracted to one of them. But they have a secret, a huge secret. She’s been warned to stay away from them. But apparently she’s getting closer to them day by day. Which is not right because they are a part of an underworld mafia clan. They’re really dangerous and maybe seek revenge from her. Her life turns upside down. From a normal school girl she finds herself caught between blood war and revenge.

So guys pleasee go and buy the BLOOD for BLOOD trilogy by Catherine Doyle as soon as possible. I swear you guys will come back and thank me. It’s a MUST read for you all.

ps: Comment down below your favourite part of this trilogy if you’ve read them. And tell me if you related to what all I wrote and if your in love with Luca too???

pps: I seriously am in love with Luca’s character. I hope one day some Luca enters my life😉

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