A letter to an ass

A new morning, a new day but here I am still the same; nothing unchanged. I’ve often heard this quote—”A new day brings a fresh start”. But I strongly disagree because in today’s world a fresh start, or a beginning rather, only happens if something fresh happens to your face. Yes! I’m right! I experience it myself everyday. If your face is presentable enough then only you’ll be noticed, will be picked and moreover start something new with someone. If not, then the garbage bin is over there, you can go sit and talk to it as if it’s your best friend. Okay, maybe I over exaggerated it a bit, but it’s kinda the reality.

*after 3 years*

I may not be as pretty as Katie, the girl you were so into back then. But boy, I’m way smarter and “honest” than her. Not that I want to brag about myself or anything. Just saying the truth.

Everyone used to say that you and I, will never have a chance. A few years ago, I thought the same. Like why would God ever want to date an insect?! And yes that’s how low I felt of myself when I compared myself with you. Wanna know why? Because I had poor vision; I was blindly in love with you. But now it’s different. Though I still believe that you and I are no match. But it’s the opposite now. You are a badass jerk and I am a Greek Goddess. Thats’s the difference now.

Now that I think about it, I feel so disgusted. Like seriously how could I ever wanna want you?! Makes no sense to me now. But I’m glad that I wore glasses at the right time.

If it weren’t because of your ignorance towards me followed by a so called “sweet rejection” followed by some more ignorance, I would have never achieved so much. I would have never discovered myself and the inner me, my capabilities and everything. So thank you for that.

I know you might be wondering why I’m writing to you after 3 whole years. But guess what?! You’re not so  special! I am over you since quite a long time now. I’m writing this, for my own satisfaction because I figured that I had never shared this stuff with anyone. And now I want you to know how bad you made me feel all those years. I need to get “that” phase of my life, out because it’s bothering me. Moreover I want to leave all that behind, for good, so that I feel lighter.

It was grade 6, I guess. Your first day of school. That first glimpse, and there I was, shot dead. And coincidentally you found a seat next to me. We became the bestest of friends in a short span of time. But later I got to know who you actually are. All those years I thought I knew you the most and I was your best friend. But I was actually wrong.

You started ignoring me during grade 8. I was really hurt. But you said and I quote, “If you are my best friend then please don’t ever talk to me from now onwards. I have a reputation to maintain. I can’t hangout with you anymore. You are kind of a bad influence on me”. I didn’t really understand what that meant. But you totally convinced me that you’re not the bad one here. I am. But I didn’t seem to care because I loved you so much. It hurt of course, but you were happy which in turn made me happy.

I had no friends, literally no one after you because I realised that I had stopped socialising with other people when you came around. So when you left, I had no one. It took me a while to figure out the real reason of you behaving like I don’t exist. And when I did I still didn’t blame you.

You didn’t want to hang out with me because I was ugly. You felt embarrassed even standing with me. That felt so bad. But I only cursed myself. I used to think why didn’t God make me pretty? Why am I the only ugly one, here? Why can’t he look at me? WHY ONLY MEE?!? But sadly I had no answers.

We became strangers. You never noticed me and my feelings. I was non-existent for you.

But one day, I took up the courage and actually told you my feelings. I just couldn’t take it anymore. I had this small thought in the back of my head that maybe you’d magically fall in love with me. Like it happens in movies. But I was wrong. Instead you rejected me because I wasn’t pretty enough. I wasn’t like Katie.

I fukin STILL didn’t hold that against you! I tortured myself everyday. Cried the hell out. I just badly wanted to become pretty. Here I used to hate myself and there, you were back on the I-don’t-no-any-Leah-girl-in-this-school mode.

It was painful cuz you were the only guy I ever looked at, whereas I was never the girl you ever looked at and you seemed so happy. You liked her, which is ok. People can like whoever they want to, and so did you. But you never cared about my feelings, when I always cared about yours. You treated me like shit.

But now, 3 years after, here I am ‘the #1 New York Times Bestselling Author’. I’m getting featured in magazines, doing interviews, travelling the world and doing all the great stuff you thought I couldn’t. You were embarrassed to talk to me and now look, the whole world wants to talk to me. Quite alot changed, right? I heard your a gym trainer though😉

At the end I just want to say thank you so much for ignoring me and making me feel like trash. If you wouldn’t have done and said all that then I wouldn’t have discovered my talent and most importantly I wouldn’t have discovered my inner self and the reckless beauty I am.  All those “how to get over your crush” videos, dancing sessions and reading quotes, were all worth it. I learnt alot in these years. The best thing I’ve learnt is to love yourself. Looks do not matter. Your personality, nature, attitude and talents do.

But sadly you have none…

Yours sincerely,                                         Leah xx

ps: I’m sending a free copy of my book for you cuz I heard Gym trainers don’t earn much. Hope you like it😇

Hey Guyss!! I hope you all enjoyed reading this short story/letter and got the message I wanted to convey. The way you look doesn’t matter. Every human being in this world is beautiful. Pretty looks are not everything. You need to be pretty from the inside as well. Then only people will like you. All the girlies out there who face or are facing this same situation, this is for you all! Love yourself! When you start doing that people will love you too. Discover who you are and what you can do. Don’t hate yourself. Embrace the beauty you are. Lead everyone with your attitude. Make people follow and drool over you with your talent and personality. Thats all that matters. Be the ⭐️ that shines the brightest in the sky.
Everyone is beautiful in his or her own way❤

Comment down below if you related👇👇 I’d love to know your story!!

5 thoughts on “A letter to an ass

  1. You’re very good for stringing words ,or maybe you aspire to become a writer , I learned to make a personal story from you .Tell me how to make a good blog like you!😁

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