About & Contact Me

Hey Everyone!!

It’s been a while since I started blogging and I thought of introducing myself to you all. So, I’m Nimrit, a brown girl from Canada, who lives in India at present. And I really love to write. This is the one and  only talent I have and I want to cherish it.

I started this blog because of three reasons, the first, I’ve mentioned above, the second one is that I wanted to share my views on life with you guys and the last one is that I want to help people in any way, by writing. I want to share all my adventures, happy and sad moments and all sorts of exciting things with all of you.

Here, you’ll find a whole variety of blogs as I write about almost anything and everything. It can be the most random thing on earth. So, join in my club to read all kinds of interesting and relatable things by following my site. And for enquiries and collabs, you can fill in the details down below and you can even follow me on Instagram @saorsa_blogs.



                                              feel free…



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